May 21, 2021 Minutes

Friday, May 21, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. (Virtual Meeting)


  1. I. Introduction/Roll Call
  2. II. Approval of Minutes from 4.16.21 Meeting
  3. III. Presentation from Professor Erik Learned-Miller
  4. IV. Presentation from Registry of Motor Vehicles and State Police
  5. V. Review and Discussion of Statutory Charge
  6. VI. Discussion of Potential Subcommittees
  7. VII. Discussion of Topics for Future Meetings
  8. VIII. Schedule Next Meeting

Chair Eldridge called the meeting to order and indicated that Chair Day would be unable to join. Rep. Rogers served as the House Co-Chair for this meeting of the Commission.

Chair Eldridge noted that the Chairs received a letter from Chief Justice Kimberly Budd, informing them that neither she nor any appointee of hers would be participating in the work of the Commission. A copy of that letter would be posted on the Commission website.

Chair Eldridge directed that a roll call of the Commission be taken.

Commissioners Present:

  • Chair Eldridge
  • Commissioner Rogers
  • Commissioner Woodward
  • Commissioner Hartzog
  • Commissioner Dyson
  • Commissioner Gomez
  • Commissioner Creem
  • Commissioner Brooks
  • Commissioner Cordy
  • Commissioner Rebello-Pradas
  • Commissioner Farnsworth
  • Commissioner Ogilvie
  • Commissioner Learned-Miller
  • Commissioner Range
  • Commissioner Crockford
  • Commissioner Spurlock
  • Commissioner Nkonde
  • Commissioner Verma
  • Commissioner O’Keefe
  • Commissioner Conley

Commissioners Absent:

  • Chair Day


Chair Eldridge asked the Commissioners to review the minutes from the Commission meeting on April 16, 2021 Commission meeting and offer any edits or comments. Edits and comments were given by several Commissioners and noted for the record.

Chair Eldridge asked for a motion to approve the minutes as edited. There was a motion made by Commissioner Rebello-Pradas, seconded by Commissioner Creem, and the motion passed unanimously.

Chair Eldridge noted the importance of reviewing the statutes and regulations for all states regarding facial recognition, including cities in Massachusetts.

Chair Eldridge asked if anyone was aware of any compilation of what the 50 states have done around facial recognition. Commissioners Rebello-Pradas and Creem suggested checking with NCSL.

Chair Eldridge asked if any commission members would like to work on the issue and proposed creating a working group to gather data and information for the full commission. Commissioners Crockford, Nkonde, O’Keefe, Woodward, Rebello-Pradas, and Dyson volunteered.

Commissioner Professor Learned-Miller gave a presentation on “Facial Recognition Technology” and then fielded questions from members.

Commissioner Acting Registrar Colleen Ogilvie then presented on “RMV’s Utilization of Facial Recognition Software to Detect and Prevent Fraud” and fielded questions from members.

Commissioner Major Scott Range then presented on the State Police’s use of facial recognition technology and fielded questions from members.

The statutory charge was then read for review by the Commission.

Chair Eldridge asked members to email Judiciary Committee staff suggestions for possible subcommittees.

Chair Eldridge announced the next Commission meeting, thanked Commissioners for their work and participation, and ended the meeting.

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